Introduction to Sustainability Videos

A Guide to Buying Recycled Paper Products – For Your Home

Guide to Buying Eco-Friendly Laundry Products

Community Building

Find (or create) your local Transition Town!

Weaving Earth: Center for Relational Education. Amazing! Bird language classes, for example.

Energy & Green Building

Rocky Mountain Institute: A super awesome think-tank A well-thought out article about residential solar.

Living Building Challenge. Phenomenally inspiring project and organizations. Video.

General Information about Solar: U.S. Insurance Agents website

Eco-Friendly Houses

Home & Household Product & Food Guides

Environmental Working Group’s extensive list of guides. Bottled water, sunscreen, shampoo and make up, steering clear of GMO’s, and a lot more.

Berkeley Ecology Center Tons of resources, including a hotline!

Queen of Green blog, from the David Suzuki Foundation

Sustainable Baby Steps blog

Green Home Guide, U.S. Green Building Council, for those somewhat more technical house questions.

National Green Pages, from Green America

The Green Office, geared toward businesses but great for individuals too

Ecosystem Gardening

Truly Personal Sustainability

Life Like Honey – a formula for truly personal sustainability


In-Person Classes (Non-University)

Berkeley Ecology Center (Again) Tons of resources, including a hotline!

K-12 Education

Center for Ecoliteracy: “Education for Sustainable Living.” In-depth curriculum development; consulting.

Conferences & Symposiums

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, by the Pachamama Alliance

Bioneers, annual conference in San Rafael, California

Online Classes & Talks

Bioneers YouTube channel: a totally phenomenal organization and resource

The Game Changer Intensive, by Pachamama (I believe the Symposium is a pre-requisite) A large database of various online classes.

Illinois School of Earth, Society and Environment

Ecotech Institute

UC San Diego Extension Certificate Program

Auburn University

Emory University Sustainability Initiatives

The Guardian Sustainable Business Shorts

Check your local community college

 Graduate Degree Programs

Presidio MBA Degree in Sustainable Management

Bainbridge MBA, MA, Certificate Programs

Arizona State University

Saybrook University, MA/PhD: Organizational Systems-Leadership of Sustainable Systems




Mother Earth News

Books & Films (Visit our Self-Study page)

12 Best selling books at the Berkeley Ecology Center

Green Your Home All In One for Dummies

Tending the Wild-Native American Knowledge


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